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Kids lunches just got Tastier!

Kids will love their lunch,

even picky eaters!

Every meal meets the nutritional guidelines growing kids need.” 


—  Chef Denaldo

About The Program

easy for


Love the idea of ordering lunches but hate the complex forms, missed deadlines and lost money between home and school? Our online system makes ordering lunches quick and simple!


for kids

Running out of ideas for nutritious and tasty school lunches? Frustrated that food is un-eaten or thrown away? Our selection of kid favourites makes sure that parents and picky eaters alike are satisfied!


to schools

We are committed to supporting communities and that’s why proceeds from your Lunch-KidS are used to benefit ongoing fundraising efforts in communities all year round.

About Lunch-Kids

How It Works

Create an Account

Select a School

Review Menus


Create your account with Us in just a few easy steps.  Too Start Registration you must first GET STARTED

Select your child’s school and teacher (if applicable) to coordinate lunch delivery to your child’s classroom.

Review our custom menu built for your Lunch-Kid. Meals may be ordered weekly, monthly or for the balance of each  Semester.

Delicious, Nutritious and Healthy lunches delivered to your child's school!

How It Works Lunch-Kids

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you. 
Lunch-KidS is designed for kids 6 - 12 
Or Up to The 6th GRADE

Have a question? Have feedback for us? Interested in having Lunch-Kids at your child's school? Want to know more about our Fundraising Program? Have a child older than (12) or younger than (6)? Simply use the contact form below,  For Details

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