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Food Concierge Services  

FoodYouTravel is able to take care of all your Concierge needs and turn them into realities. Some of the services our Concierge Service offers you are listed below. Our  Concierge Service has experience working in the Concierge of the hotels, private resorts, & luxury communities – In the Bahamas. FoodYouTravel takes care of Restaurant Bookings, Food Orders, Adventure Tours, Island Hopping and many other services for our clients. We can proudly say that we have the expertise to cover all your Food, Travel & Service needs.

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Restaurant Recommendations & Bookings

If you are looking for a restaurant recommendation in The Bahamas, Nassau, Harbour Island, Eleuthera or any other island, we know the best places to enjoy gastronomy at its finest. We can also help you find the best restaurant that suits your needs anywhere in the Bahamas thanks to our vast network of contacts. Experience, fine dining, or casual and party restaurants: Exclusive menus, & we test all of the best places before recommending them to you. And just so you know, we are the absolute experts of the Food Service Market, as our founder Denaldo Bain was born there and started his career.  We will make sure you get the best table at the restaurant you select.

Restaurant Recommendations & Bookngs
Chef Denaldo.jpg

Private Jet Inflight Catering

FoodYouToday will take care of our clients’ private jet needs: if you want to know more, please click here. A service that our clients particularly appreciate is private jet inflight catering. Therefore, we have developed a bespoke menu for the private jet market. The menus offer a great choice of any type of cuisine: French, Italian, Asian, or British for example. We work with renowned brands such as, Lyford Cay Residences, Old Fort Bay Residences & Albany Residences, just to name a few, and the finest suppliers of food on the island. These menus are designed to suit individual tastes and styles.

We also work with restaurants to deliver their menu to Nassau International, Jet Aviation & Odyssey airports upon request. Our menus are also a perfect luxury alternative to the traditional picnic hamper; great for any corporate or sporting event or executive trip.

Private Jet Catering

Destination Weddings, Entertainment & Private Parties

FoodYouToday will organize your private parties and events. We are proud of our experience working for royal families, Premier League footballers, NFL & NBA Athletes along with billionaires’ households. From kids’ birthdays to parties or events, we can take care of the food, the staff, and the event. Our Event Specialists will guide you to create a fabulous event, in the location of your choice, with a spectacular decoration, music or DJ, entertainment… We can license & cover all your needs anywhere in the Bahamas, Starting With A Rental Home Find Out How Ask Our Expert!

If you are holidaying on a yacht, we have a “flying” team of experts based in Nassau, ready to help you organize any party or event on your vessel. We also organize parties for Easter, Ramadan, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… Get in touch with us to talk about your upcoming events and celebrations!

Destination Weddings & Events

Private Chef & Kitchen staff recruitment

Private staff recruitment can be very challenging, especially if you are travelling extensively, and expect your staff to be mobile too. We have the experience to source and recruit the best profiles for your house: chef, commis, pastry chef… Our private staff recruitment services do not only cover the kitchen staff but include all occupations: butler, housekeeper, security agent, house manager, nanny. And if you are looking for a private chef on a yacht anywhere in the Bahamas, we have a special team of yachting experts based in Nassau ready to assist.

At FoodYoutoday We believe in experience and personalities: therefore we always try to match your request to not only the most qualified candidates but also to the one matching your lifestyle. 

Private Chef & Kitchen Staff Recruitment

Provisional & Take Out Orders

FoodYouToday provisions groceries and alcohol, and works with the best suppliers of fine foods, as well as brands to source the best products for you. We also deliver the menu created by iconic restaurants on the island, the feel of room service at your fingertips.


Food Orders
Wine Bottles

Fine Wine & Spirits Concierge

At FoodYouToday we are not only foodies: we also appreciate fines wines and spirits. And we bet you do too. FoodYouToday works with the best sommeliers and rare wine and spirits experts and will guide through your wine journey. We can build a bespoke wine hamper if you are gift-hunting for a wine-lover. Imagine a glamorous wicker basket filled with a selection of handpicked bottles. A very popular option is a wine selection to celebrate the birth of a baby: a couple of bottles are for the parents, and the case can contain bottles that the newborn will be able to enjoy when he will reach the age of drinking. This gift is particularly popular after weddings or anniversaries.

At FoodYouToday we can also help you create the perfect wine cellar at your house, and start a wine collection. Our team will help you design and build your very own cellar where to keep your bottles, and a place to enjoy them. If like us you dream of creating your special wine-tasting room, get in touch with us to discuss it. We will offer our consultation advice, and designs for the perfect preservation of the wine.

Finally, we create unforgettable experiences for wine-lovers, from tastings with our wine expert to historical tours in Nassau. Our Wine & Spirits Concierge is always on-hand to offer personalized and detailed advice on the perfect bottles for any taste and occasion.

Fine Wines & Spirits Concierge

Healthy Eating

If you believe that “Wellness is the new Luxury”, you will be pleased to know that we have developed Healthy Eating Programmes For Many Clients & Businesses. Nowadays, we tend to place more value on health and wellness than on material objects. Some of our clients delegate 100% of their menu creation and food requests to us. It means that we deliver, directly to their doorstep, all their clean food and drinks for the whole day, each day. The products are separately packaged so they can easily be transported. We can also help you hire a private chef and a dietician who will support you with a complete diet. Additionally, we work with the best personal trainers and can organise your training program.

Healthy Eating

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