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Food-Hub Management
Professional Development Courses
For Personal-Chefs & Managers
In A Luxury Real Estate Market 

Denaldo Bain Course Developer

This Is Not A Master Class! This Your Future!
-Denaldo Bain, Co-Founder Of BnBChefs Holdings, LLC


About The Developer 

"We had Chef Denaldo on our Last Night and wished we'd used his service Every Night!"

-Jen, Booked Through AirBnB Service & The Host Recommended Chef Denaldo!

With 25 Years Of Experience As A Professionsl Chef, Consultant & Business Owner, Denaldo, A Licensed Realtor From The Bahamas,

Denaldo Developed This Course Because Of His Experience And Insight That There Could Be More For The Future Of Food Services As It Relates To The

Real Estate Industry!


These Courses Have Put Together The Essential Tools Needed To Help Chefs Manage & Standardize Their Food Services & Provide Premium Services In One Of The Fasted Growing Multi-Billion Dollar Markets Today!

Real Estate!

Join The Course & Get Your Foot Into This Market!  There Is No Other Development Program Like 
This! That Shows Chefs Step By Step How To Gross 40 - 60K A Year Without Stepping Into A Commercial Kitchen As An Executive Chef!

Chefs Have Followed This Process, Have Started Their Own Business & Also Run Commercial Kitchens In Both The Bahamas & The US!


This Is Your Future!

About The Program

What is a 'Food Hub?"  “A Food Hub is a business or organization that actively manages the aggregation, distribution and marketing of source-identified food products. Using local and regional producers to strengthen their ability to satisfy a wholesale, retail and institutional demand.”

During This Course, You Will Obtain The Knowledge, Develop The Skills & Tools To Start Your Own Food-Hub Business With Confidence In Today's Market!


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Food-Hub Management
A Development Course 
For Operating & Managing
A Personal-Chefs Business

BnBChefs Personal-Chef
Development & Staffing
Requirement For BnBChefs Staffing 


Your New
Journey Begins Today!

Food blog

-Technology & The Business Of Food

-The Client! Vs

The Experience!

-Product Vs Market

-The Theory Of Classic Cooking Methods

-The Power Of Hospitality

-Local, Regional &

Global Markets


Cooking Ingredients

-Local & Regional Products, The Producers!

-Standardized Menus

& Shopping Lists

-Cooking Instructions & Methods

-Food Safety, Handling & Storage

-The Business Of

Personal Chefs

-Starting Your Personal

Food Hub





-No Upcoming Dates

BnBChefs, Personal Chef
Certificate Course $350.00 

-September 25th - October 1st, 2023 
-October 23rd - October 29th, 2023
-November 27th - December 3rd, 2023


  1. Complete BnBChefs Application, &  

  2. Successful Candidates Will Receive Course Codes (Free Course)

  3. Upon Completion Receive Your  BnBChefs Worldwide Certificate With Staffing Opportunities

  4. BnBChefs Consult & Placement

  5. BnBchefs Standardize Menus & Development Tools

Professional Chefs

What You Will Learn

  • The Business Of Personal Chefs

  • Food Safety &  Human Resources

  • How Local & Regional Producers Benefits Chefs

  • Food & Technology

  • Intellectual Property & How It Relates To Food

Course Benefits

Online Community

  • Become Part Of The Largest Growing Community Of Personal Chefs Worldwide

  • Your Personal BnBChefs Profile Listing

  • Local & Global Market Monetization

  • Connect With Potential Clients Through Our Partner Networks 

  • 1-On-1 Consults With The Management Team

This Course Is Designed For

  • Individuals Looking To Expand Their Food Hub On A commercial Scale

  • Food Practitioners focused on “the next ten years”

  • Professional Chefs seeking to develop a career in their local and regional food market

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