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Food-Hub Management
Professional Development Courses
For Personal-Chefs & Managers
In A Luxury Real Estate Market 

Denaldo Bain Course Developer

This Is Not A Master Class! This Your Future!
-Denaldo Bain, Co-Founder Of BnBChefs Holdings, LLC


About Chef Denaldo! 

"We had Chef Denaldo on our Last Night and wished we'd used his service Every Night!"

-Jen, Booked Through AirBnB Service & The Host Recommended Chef Denaldo!

With 25 Years Of Experience As A Professional Chef, Consultant & Business Owner. Chef Denaldo, A Licensed Realtor From The Bahamas,

Developed A Course Based On His Experience, Perspective And Insight Of Food Services As It Relates To A Luxury

Real Estate Market!


These Courses Have Put Together The Essential Tools Needed To Help Chefs Manage & Standardize Their Food Service Business & Provide A Premium Service In One Of The Fasted Growing Multi-Billion Dollar Markets Today!

Real Estate!

Join The Course & Get Your Foot Into This Market!  There Is No Other Development Program That Exists Like 
This One! That Shows Chefs & Food Practitioners A Step By Step On How To Gross 50 - 60K A Year Without Stepping Into A Commercial Kitchen As An Executive Chef!

Chefs Who Have Followed This Process, Have Started Their Own Businesses & Also Run Commercial Kitchens In Both The Bahamas & The US!


This Is Your Future!

About The Program

What is a 'Food Hub?"  “A Food Hub is a business or organization that actively manages the aggregation, distribution and marketing of source-identified food products. Using local and regional producers to strengthen their ability to satisfy a wholesale, retail and institutional demand.”

During This Course, You Will Obtain The Knowledge, Develop The Skills & Tools To Start Your Own Food-Hub Business With Confidence In Today's Market!


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Food-Hub Management
A Development Course 
For Operating & Managing
A Personal-Chefs Business

BnBChefs Personal-Chef
Development & Staffing
Requirement For BnBChefs Staffing 


Your New
Journey Begins Today!

Food blog

-Technology & The Business Of Food

-The Client! Vs

The Experience!

-Product Vs Market

-The Theory Of Classic Cooking Methods

-The Power Of Hospitality

-Local, Regional &

Global Markets


Cooking Ingredients

-Local & Regional Products, The Producers!

-Standardized Menus

& Shopping Lists

-Cooking Instructions & Methods

-Food Safety, Handling & Storage

-The Business Of

Personal Chefs

-Starting Your Personal

Food Hub





-No Upcoming Dates

BnBChefs, Personal Chef
Certificate Course 

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  1. Complete BnBChefs Application, &  

  2. Successful Candidates Will Receive Course Codes (Free Course)

  3. Upon Completion Receive Your  BnBChefs Worldwide Certificate & Staffing Opportunities

  4. BnBChefs Business Consult

  5. BnBchefs Standardize Menus & Development Tools

Professional Chefs

What You Will Learn

  • The Business Of Personal Chefs

  • Food Safety &  Human Resources

  • How Local & Regional Producers Benefits Chefs

  • Food & Technology

  • Intellectual Property & How It Relates To Food

Course Benefits

Online Community

  • Become Part Of The Largest Growing Community Of Personal Chefs Worldwide

  • Your Personal BnBChefs Profile Listing

  • Local & Global Market Monetization

  • Connect With Potential Clients Through Our Partner Networks 

  • 1-On-1 Consults With The Management Team

This Course Is Designed For

  • Individuals Looking To Expand Their Food Hub On A commercial Scale

  • Food Practitioners focused on “the next ten years”

  • Professional Chefs seeking to develop a career in their local and regional food market

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