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Choosing Personal Chefs & Food Services

Updated: Jun 8

Choosing Personal Chefs & Food Services is as important as choosing a doctor because we need experts! It only makes sense that if you're in need of Food Services to consult an expert first. You're about to feed a multitude of persons or simply someone other than yourself. This person or group you will be feeding, is filled with food preferences, allergies, and other concerns that you may not be aware of. besides, you would like for this to run smoothly.

So how do you decide the right person to help you with this process. Here are a few things that you should ask and look for:

  1. If Working with an Event Planner, be sure you provide in detail your desired food type/s and dietary needs for your guests. This will allow your Planner to choose the right service/s to choose from.

  2. There are different types of Chefs to hire just like Doctors, what you’re looking for can be specific; to you needing Gluten Free Breads, Cakes & Desserts, Or Culturally Ethnic Foods, etc. So Choosing a Chef will also require you to know your dietary preferences or that of the guest/s you intend to feed.

  3. Once you know the desired type of Food & Service you are looking for, finding the Chef you need comes down to the experience of the Chef, and recommendations. Search the internet for Chefs Portfolios. A Chef’s portfolio will consist of pictures of the work they have done, recipes they use, recommendations & comments from past clients.

  4. If you are an owner of a Restaurant, Food Service establishment, or Manage Luxury Brand Rental Properties & Villas looking for a Chef to create menus and recipes, this process will work for you as well as a guide to finding that perfect Chef or service.

Choosing a Chef or Food Service is not an easy job, you must first know what you want from your Chef have an idea, create a menu, and most of all make sure those you are feeding enjoys the experience.

Photos By Denaldo Bain


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