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Tomato & Pumpkin Bisque With Conch


3 Tbsp. Flour

3 Tbsp. Butter

1/4 C. Onions

1/4 C. Celery

1/4 C. Carrots

8 oz Tenderized Conch

(Rough Chopped)

1 1/2 C. Tomato Sauce

2 C. Chicken/Vegetable


1 C. Heavy Cream



I first start with a moderately hot pot, add Butter & Flour. Stir constantly in order to not burn the flour. Cook until flour Turns into a Golden Tan Color. Add Celery, Onions,

Carrots & Conch, cook for a few minutes at a lower heat, you don't want the roux to get darker so be sure you are ready for this step, once the onions are translucent and the conch has started to cook, add tomato sauce and pureed pumpkin combine all the ingredients while gradually adding Chicken or Vegetable Stock, your choice. Simmer om moderate heat until conch is fully cooked through 20 minutes. Stir occasionally preventing lumps and burning, remember we are making a very delicate soup and these methods should be done with care and precision. Add Heavy Cream & cook for an additional 10 minutes on a low simmer. Allow Soup to rest 5 minutes before Serving. Enjoy!

Recipes & Photos By Chef Denaldo Bain

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