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My Life As a Chef

Updated: Apr 24

Hi, I'm Chef Denaldo, 39 years old, from The Bahamas. I was born on the Island of New Providence where the Capital is located. Cooking has always been one of my passions for as long as I can remember. I have been cooking professionally for 18 years not including my formal training at the then, Bahamas Hotel Training College, now University of The Bahamas.

I have had many mentors but one that stood out was a lecturer, Chef Hans Von Rotz. Today I operate a small Food Service business that caters to Individual Clients, Owners of Restaurants, and Small Out Island Resorts. Some of those clients are Baycaner Bay Resort, Mayaguana Island, Kamalame Cay Andros, & Little Whale Cay all located in The Bahamas.

My individual clients are Local Residents, Second home owners, Families that are Renting Vacation Homes, and groups that require a destination wedding Chef. I have also received requests for clients from third party services like American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services UK.

People I meet always want to know, “where do you work?” My answer is usually “around the islands of the Bahamas & But you won’t find my services listed as a part of any existing services". I have strategically placed my information throughout the internet and it is easily accessible to anyone, just Google “Chef Denaldo.”

Another question that seems to be popular is, “what is your signature dish?” The truth is, my clients travel from around the world to experience something different, all with different palates. My goal is to combine both Local Island Flavours, with International and Culturally Ethnic Flavours to bring a new point of view to your favourite dish. The services I provide are specific to each individual client, so there is a consult that all of my clients go through in order for me to provide the right type of service.

Photos By Chef Denaldo

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